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Sexual Harassment Lawyers and What You Should Expect

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When to Hire a Sexual Harassment Attorney in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace happens too often. Even if words or actions are delivered as a joke, it can still be sexual harassment. If this is happening to you, here are some steps to take to try to stop the harassment before visiting sexual harassment lawyers.

Steps to Take if You are Being Sexually Harassed

  • Confront the harasser. It is possible that the person does not realize the severity of his or her words or actions. Tell him or her to stop calling you those names. Tell him or her you would prefer to keep your relationship professional. Tell him or her that you would prefer not to be massaged or touched. Make sure you are clear about the specific words or actions that you consider to be harassment.
  • Keep records of the harassment. If the behavior does not stop after you have directly requested that the harasser to stop using the words or actions, make sure to document the harassment. Write down, or record on your cell phone, every interaction with the person or persons. Save every inappropriate email.
  • Report the harasser. Most workplaces have strict guidelines about codes of conduct and should have a system in place for dealing with sexual harassment. Use the records you have kept and report the sexual harassment you have been experiencing to your superior or to the human resources department. An investigation will likely follow.
  • If reporting the harasser to the human resources department does not end the harassment, you should consider visiting sexual harassment lawyers to identify your options going forward.

Things to Consider When Meeting Sexual Harassment Lawyers

  • Make sure you meet with lawyers that specialize in sexual harassment. This is a specific area of the law and you want to know that the lawyer you consult with is well-versed in sexual harassment law and will have the knowledge and expertise to handle your specific case.
  • Maintaining a good job performance while being sexually harassed does not mean that you will not have a case. Many employers will argue that if an employee was able to perform and function well at his or her job throughout the time he or she claims the sexual harassment was happening, that it was not sexual harassment. Your sexual harassment lawyers will tell you this is not necessarily the case.
  • It is important to note that there is a statute of limitations on sexual harassment, so you should not wait long before reporting the behavior to sexual harassment lawyers. The statute of limitations is determined by the date of the last act of harassment. Do not wait if you have been sexually harassed. Contact sexual harassment lawyers as soon as you experience the harassment, as you only have a short period of time after the incidents occur to claim sexual harassment.

Do not wait any longer. If confronting the sexual harassment has not stopped it from happening, consult with sexual harassment lawyers today. We will help you determine if you have a case and give you options for going forward. You do not need to live with sexual harassment.

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