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Sexual Assault

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Walk Through

Sexual harassment lawsuits can be very daunting for those considering filing criminal or civil charges, which is why we have created this simple step-by-step guide to help you understand the legal process. * Step 1: Speak Out The first step in any sexual harassment lawsuit involves speaking to someone, be…

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I Was Sexually Violated, But No One Believed Me

In the United States, a person is sexually violated every 98 seconds. If, at the end of each day, every person who experienced sexual assault reported their experience to the relevant authorities, American courts would try roughly 881 sexual violation cases every single day. Why, then, does society refuse to…

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Types of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can happen to anyone in any situation, but the two most important things to remember are: that it’s never the victim’s fault, and there is help available in a number of different forms. Below are the acts which are defined as different types of sexual assault and what…

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How Do You Know If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted?

Your biggest defense against the criminality of sexual assault in the workplace or greater society, is equipping yourself with the definition of the act. The repercussions of being sexually assaulted leave the victim feeling guilty, ashamed and often in a state of shock. The emotional rollercoaster that follows is part…

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How Is Statutory Rape Defined By California Laws

Every year, thousands of California minors are subjected to statutory rape. By raising awareness about the laws surrounding this type of rape, the California Legal Team hopes to decrease these numbers. What Is Statutory Rape? Unlike rape, which can be defined as non-consensual sexual intercourse between two adults, statutory rape…

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An Overview Of The Different Degrees Of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a widespread epidemic that affects people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations. While most people have a general understanding of what behaviors might constitute sexual harassment, the California Legal Team want to raise awareness about the different degrees of sexual harassment and the various factors required…

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Improving Rape Kit Standards

Although anyone can be subject to rape, not every survivor has access to a rape test kit, and the rape kit standards of those that are provided and processed are often not adequate. Many kits are left unprocessed in forensic science labs or in law enforcement facilities, a fact that…

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Rape Definition According To The Courts

Any form of sexual assault can be an extremely traumatic and a highly sensitive experience. In these delicate situations, it is important to understand the definition of rape. The way that California courts dictate the definition of rape will influence your approach to finding justice in a legal environment. Rape…

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Preparing to Meet Your Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual assault, in its various degrees of severity, is a criminal act. The crime can leave the victim having to deal with terrible psychological, emotional and physical effects. During this time, it is very important to contact a lawyer who specializes in sexual assault. Sexual assault lawyers are experts in…

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Educate Yourself On Sexual Assault vs Rape

Sexual assault and rape are two criminal terms that send shivers down the spine of many people. Both acts are a violation of consent and can leave a victim struggling to recover from trauma. How does one classify the difference between sexual assault vs rape? Rape is any form of…

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