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Let’s Talk Fee Structures

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If you are a victim of sexual harassment you might want to visit an attorney but are worried about the fees. The important thing to know about sexual harassment lawyers, and all attorneys, is there are several different types of fee arrangements. You should be told about the fees upfront and they will be put in writing before continuing with any type of lawsuit.

There will likely be an initial charge to meet with sexual harassment lawyers. After that, your lawyer and you can agree on the fee structure for moving forward.

  • Contingency Fee — One type of fee structure used for sexual harassment lawyers is a contingency fee. This means that if you were to win your sexual harassment lawsuit, your attorney will get a predetermined percentage of the settlement.
  • Hourly Rate — If you visit sexual harassment lawyers and they make non-contingency fee arrangements, this means that you will be agreeing to pay the lawyer’s hourly rate and other standard fees and charges. While an attorney might not always be able to forecast how much time he or she will devote to your case, you can request an estimate so you can have a ballpark idea of how much you might have to pay.

However, keep in mind that unforeseen factors might drive up the cost. For example, if the person you are suing files a countersuit — this is a factor that will definitely increase your cost of retaining sexual harassment lawyers.

  • Fixed Fee — If sexual harassment lawyers opt for a fixed fee structure, this means that they will provide a service for a fixed price that is offered to all clients. When agreeing to a fixed fee structure, it is important for clients to clarify exactly what services are involved in the fixed fee, and what will result in extra charges.
  • Retainer feeSexual harassment lawyers might charge a retainer fee in order to secure a lawyer for your case. A retainer fee is used to secure the availability of the lawyer but will not cover the additional legal fees that are incurred as the lawyer works on your case.

Sexual harassment lawyers’ fees should not scare you away from seeking legal advice if you are being sexually harassed. You will be able to work out a fee structure with your attorney that you both agree on, should you decide to proceed with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

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