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Sexual Harassment Law

California Legal Team offer expert legal representation across California for individuals who have been victims of sexual harassment or rape. Due to our experience in representing sexual crime cases, you can confidently trust our expertise to be effective in the courtroom, and sensitive to the sexual harassment victim.

The Reality Of Sexual Harassment And rape

People of all sexual identities and ages can fall victim to sexual harassment or rape. According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) the majority of these crimes occur near, or at, the victim’s home. These crimes know no boundaries for race, sexual identity or age.

  • Every 98 seconds, an American gets sexually harassed.
  • One in every six American women has been a victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.
  • Younger women, in particular, are at increased risk. About 15% of sexual abuse victims are under the age of 18.
  • Men can also be victims of rape. 10% of all rape victims are male.

The majority of victims are familiar with their perpetrator. The perpetrator could be a family member, a colleague, employer or friend. This scary reality can result in an aggressive and unbearable environment for the victim after the incident (or incidences).

Sexual violence is notoriously difficult to manage as the cases so often go untold. Here at California Legal Team, we want to encourage you to contact us if you have been a victim of sexual harassment or rape. There is no need to endure pain and suffering alone, but rather fight back with a legal force.

Sexual Harassment Law In California

The laws on sexually violent crimes vary from state to state, as does the definition of rape and the individual’s ability to consent.

Understanding the law in California will give you the boldness to step forward if you find yourself in a position that makes you feel uncomfortable and victimized.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment laws in California prevent people from being touched intimately in unwanted ways. According to the California Penal Code, these ‘intimate parts’ refer to a victim’s sexual organ, anus, groin, buttocks and breasts (for females).

    Sexual harassment also refers to the touching of a victim’s intimate parts whilst the victim is being restrained. Often sexual harassment occurs in the form of groping and other unwanted sexual contact. In California, these sexual crimes are classified under the umbrella of sexual battery.

  • Rape

    Rape is also classified under the broader category of sexual battery and occurs when sexual intercourse occurs without the consent of at least one of the participants. Non-consensual sex can occur in a number of different scenarios.

    Some scenarios described by California state law includes a perpetrator using physical force and intimidation, a victim reacting under fear of immediate bodily harm or injury to self or another, the lack of ability to consent due to developmental delay, physical disability, intoxication or a state of unconscious; and a perpetrator instigating sexual intercourse under fraudulent representation.

In California state, a minor refers to an individual 18 and younger. The act of sexual intercourse between an adult and minor alone is enough for a prosecution, without the need to prove any unlawful conduct – the minor is, by law, unable to provide lawful consent. The severity of the charge against the defendant depends on the age of the victim and the difference in age between victim and perpetrator.

Recover From The Experience

Being the victim of sexual harassment is an emotional and challenging experience to live with and overcome. Taking a step towards legal justice is a sign of courage and an important decision in rebuilding confidence. Find out more about how California Legal Team’s services and expertise can help your case.

Expert Legal Services In Cases Of Sexual Harassment And Rape

The lawyers of California Legal Team are skilled in defending sexual harassment and rape victims under California law. Our extensive experience in highly complex cases have given us the skills and knowledge to work a variety of cases. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment or rape, we would like to offer you our services, and give you the opportunity to legally fight back confidently.

Okorie Okorocha, a highly successful employment attorney, and Nick Okorocha, a dynamic advocate experienced in a range of criminal matters, are two members of the California Legal Team. Their education and experience has led to many successes on a variety of cases.

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