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How to Deal will Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Unfortunately sexual harassment is a common occurrence and it is difficult to know how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. This is why an experienced sexual harassment lawyer from the Okorocha firm is here to help you when it comes to dealing with this difficult situation.

Before you seek the professional help of a sexual harassment lawyer and take the offending employer or colleague to court (which is most often an expensive, traumatizing and time consuming process), there are a few other things you can do.

Once the initial incident of sexual harassment occurs, you should try talking to the person directly and ask them to stop. If the person continues with their behavior you should inform them that you will file a report. If they still fail to stop harassing you can take further action and contact a sexual harassment lawyer to help you.

The next thing you should do is to find other victims or witnesses to this person’s behavior. If there are other complaints that have been filed against this person or if there are witnesses who are ready to defend your story with a written testimony then it will help you support your claim.

You should also file a formal complaint with your supervisor or HR department immediately. Try to report all incidents accurately and with great detail. Also, schedule a meeting with your supervisor or HR manager to explain the situation. Your supervisor and HR manager should be able to help you deal with this situation. This formal complaint will also serve as evidence if you need to proceed further.

If the offending person continues with their harmful behavior after you have done all of this, then it is advisable that you contact a sexual harassment lawyer to file a lawsuit and to contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to investigate your case and all the incidents of sexual harassment in your workplace. In your lawsuit you can seek to monetary damages for lost wages (future or past), emotional distress, punitive damage, sexual harassment lawyer fees, and other such losses.

If you are experiencing sexual harassment in your workplace and are looking for a good sexual harassment lawyer to represent you, contact the Okorocha Firm today to recover the damages you deserve and to stop this harmful behavior.

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