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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Building a Successful Relationship with My Attorney

Once you have hired a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney, you should try to build a successful relationship with your lawyer. The very nature of your case will mean that you are sharing private, and in some cases stories of an embarrassing nature, with your attorney. Building a successful relationship…

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Let’s Talk Fee Structures

If you are a victim of sexual harassment you might want to visit an attorney but are worried about the fees. The important thing to know about sexual harassment lawyers, and all attorneys, is there are several different types of fee arrangements. You should be told about the fees upfront…

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What do Sexual Harassment Lawyers do?

A question that we at Okorocha Firm have found to be surprisingly more complex to answer than you may realize is what do sexual harassment lawyers do? The simple answer is that sexual harassment attorneys are lawyers who center their practice on sexual harassment cases, legislation, or activism. In addition…

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How to Deal will Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Unfortunately sexual harassment is a common occurrence and it is difficult to know how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. This is why an experienced sexual harassment lawyer from the Okorocha firm is here to help you when it comes to dealing with this difficult situation. Before you…

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Choosing the Right Sexual Harassment Attorney

When it comes to choosing the right sexual harassment attorney we at The Okorocha Firm understand how confusing it can get. In Los Angeles, sexual harassment attorneys are generally quite common to source, but finding one who actually understands you and your unique situation often requires a lot of “shopping…

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Looking for a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney?

Do you feel that your work environment is no longer comfortable or safe because of sexual harassment or other types of employment discrimination? Then you should be looking for a sexual harassment attorney and you have come to the right place. The Okorocha Firm make it their mission to help…

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