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Why do I Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment can take on a number of forms. It can pop up in employee discrimination, such as not getting a job or a promotion based on your sex. It can be found in repeated unwelcome behaviors by a coworker or a superior that causes a hostile work environment and is based on your sex.

No one deserves to be subjected to ongoing offensive conduct because of a person’s sex. If this is happening in your workplace right now, and your boss has been notified of the harassment but has done nothing to stop it, you should consult with a sexual harassment lawyer.

Whether you are the person who feels he or she has been sexually harassed, or if you are someone who is being accused of sexual harassment, you need the help of a sexual harassment lawyer. An experienced lawyer in this field will be able to explain your rights.

While women are typically thought of as the most common victims of sexual harassment, it can also happen to men in the workplace. Sexual harassment creates no less of a toxic work environment for a man than for a woman. Whatever your issue is in relation to sexual harassment, a lawyer is specially trained to know the law and your rights within the legal system.

Some common forms of sexual harassment, and when you should call a lawyer immediately, are the following:

  • If you feel threatened. If you are ever in a position where someone either threatens you or your current position in your job, or offers you a promotion or a raise in exchange for any type of sexual favor, call a sexual harassment lawyer.
  • If you are being physically harassed. If you are ever in a position where you are subjected to physical harassment where someone is touching any part of your body, such as massaging your shoulders without your permission, call a sexual harassment lawyer.
  • If you are being verbally harrassed. If you are ever in a position where someone you work with is commenting on your clothing or your appearance in a sexual way, or referring to you by inappropriate nicknames, call a sexual harassment lawyer.

There are many other situations where you may be feeling sexually harassed. A lawyer will help you determine your rights in the specific situation and determine the best course of action. No one deserves to feel harassed in the workplace. If this is how you are feeling, do something about it today. Call a sexual harassment lawyer.

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