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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Attorneys Talk About Office Behavior

Unacceptable Office Behavior There are many activities or behaviors that are deemed inappropriate; however, sexual harassment is arguably one of the most severe and most common. If you are unsure as to what constitutes sexual harassment or other unacceptable behaviour in the workplace you should consult your company’s policies or…

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Sexual Harassment Lawyers Will Tell You that Harassment Can Come From Anyone…Even Family

Is it Still Sexual Harassment if it is From a Family Member? Sexual harassment lawyers will tell you that sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual behavior. It can come from anyone…a boss, a neighbor, a friend, a family member. Whether it is touching, flirting, inappropriate jokes or comments of a…

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Talking Office Parties With Our Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Don’t Let That Sexy Santa Harass You At This Year’s Office Party With the season festivities, merriment and scores of corporate celebrations in full swing our sexual harassment lawyer has a few words of advice for you regarding the allure of that sexy Santa or evasive elf at your office…

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Know Your Limits – Ask a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

How Far is Too Far? Knowing where the limits are is often a confusing matter when it comes to sexual harassment. Lawyers experienced in this field are continually trying to define the behavior that would constitute sexual harassment. Given the differences in the approach each individual has toward sexual harassment,…

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Talking Hostile Work Environment with Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorney

Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment Having given a brief summary of the different types of sexual harassment recognized under California law, Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney firm California Legal Team will now take a closer look at hostile work environment sexual harassment. To begin lets recap on what defines hostile…

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Sexual Harassment Lawyers Discussing Types of Sexual Harassment

Different Types of Sexual Harassment One of the things that sexual harassment lawyers have to ascertain when a client approaches them is what type of sexual harassment has the person suffered? It may be surprising for you to discover that there are different types of sexual harassment recognized under California…

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Sexual Harassment Lawyers and What You Should Expect

When to Hire a Sexual Harassment Attorney in the Workplace Sexual harassment in the workplace happens too often. Even if words or actions are delivered as a joke, it can still be sexual harassment. If this is happening to you, here are some steps to take to try to stop…

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When Does A Simple Prank Turn Into Sexual Harassment?

How to Recognize Sexual Harassment at Work No one deserves to be sexually harassed and if you feel you are the victim of this type of behavior, contact a sexual harassment lawyer immediately. Just because the harassment is delivered in a joke or a prank, does not make it okay….

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The Facts About Sexual Harassment

How To Deal With Sexual Harassment in the Workplace When you need to know the facts about sexual harassment, consult with the Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys at California Legal Team. We will help you understand your situation, determine if you have a sexual harassment case, and advise on going…

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Why do I Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

Sexual harassment can take on a number of forms. It can pop up in employee discrimination, such as not getting a job or a promotion based on your sex. It can be found in repeated unwelcome behaviors by a coworker or a superior that causes a hostile work environment and…

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